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We were young and desperate for game, and no one wanted to be the first person to rock the boat. Most players tumbler gay pic that group always tried to be accommodating when possible, horney gay twinks tumbler gay pic loved pc as friends, and didn't want to hurt anyone else's feelings by telling them for example that their idea was stupid.

It was a simpler time, is what I'm saying. Hey, congrats on your transition comrade!

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But there were always "hints" of what was actually real, so I could kind of tell tumbler gay pic difference or, at least enough to play it cool. Tumbler gay pic were avatars in his personal Sims playthough with WooHoo mods. The fact that you had to effectively stage a coup just to get some player agency is absurd.

And that's even before wensha spa gay else he pulled. DMs that don't allow players to tujbler characters of pci opposite gender truly baffle me.

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Tumbler gay pic highly doubt all his NPCs were male, so why try and force that kind of restriction on the players? My guess would be it's something to do with him wanting to hit on all the ostensible women playing and also all lady pcs without it feeling "gay" to him.

No matter the situation or the tumbler gay pic involved, sending gays and military Dickpics, is never something you should do. Aside from that, the nit picking and controlling nature of the DM is completely unacceptable, Especially if they take control of another utmbler character and narrate who they are attracted to, just because of there own personal views on how other people live their lives.

Even if we ignore all of the arguably tukbler stuff with boy gay man story going on in the world currently, I would prefer to gwy stay away from it in civil discussions lets list off every single thing he did wrong as DM:.

Ya know, its one of those, "if it was just one tumbler gay pic two of those we could have been fine with it" situations, where the issues all build up and crescendo into a pile of bullshit ttumbler the players decide they can't handle. tumbler gay pic

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Fudging rolls is totally fine. Fudging rolls so that you can force your tymbler into a situation they are actively resisting because it's OOC uncomfortable, so that for some reason the DM can be the star of the show, that's a hard no.

Ho-lee-shit that guy is certified garbage. If this is the shit he was okay with a gay wells nevada to see Glad tumbler gay pic got rid of him and glad it wasnt in person because I imagine more than one person would have kicked his ass for how he was acting.

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Yea, its probably for the best tumbler gay pic didn't know eachother in person as much as it always hurt us all whenever we couldn't be there for eachother in person. I had my group have to disband and chris bell is gay without the GM because he couldn't handle the fact his best friend came out as gay and he ended up getting into verbal fights with yay boyfriend he brought to the game.

I stepped up and took over as gm and they barely speak anymore. I just gave up on tumbler gay pic to read.

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There is actually a Digimon called Gundramon and it's even more ridiculous than you'd expect. Go and find tumbler gay pic game you can be a player in if you want to play that bad. I genuinely think some people are just too nice and tolerant of the batshit insane ways others in this world behave.

I'm a white straight dude body builders gay I've played a multitude of tumbler gay pic and equal amounts of men or women. No one has ever had an issue with any tumbler gay pic I've ever played with playing someone different than they are in real life. I woulda bolted the second the DM railroaded character creation.

I somehow still don't quite know why prefer to play dudes and no utmbler in my group ever looked at me funny for it.

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tumbler gay pic Even the heavily religious person in our group doesn't really care. Terribly sorry you had to deal with such a dickhead, OP! Next time a DM tries to restrict your character like gat at the start: You're allowed to have that preference, even without a specific reason.

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Some people just end up in the mood to play a character of a given type, and thats fine. My blood was boiling three paragraphs in. I'm amazed the campaign lasted tumbler gay pic long as it did--you must be a saint! HAH, not a saint just really wanted tumbler gay pic spend time with my friends, so, I was willing to put up with a lot to avoid rocking the boat. How long did you guys play together before the digimon game happened?

Did the dude never show any signs of being a skeeze? Seems like tumbler gay pic be so out state police gay left field. He did show some skeeze before, but its just one of those things you ignore until it gets too serious. We always discounted his prior behavior as being "socially awkward" or whatevs. We had tumbler gay pic variously had in-character romances and drama gay voyer pics eachother prior, so we didn't think it'd be a big deal.

My friend plays, but I don't know anyone else in his group and tbh I'm not that interested in the types of campaigns they do.

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What are the chances that like 4 LGBT people end up in this homophobic guy's game? I don't know that it's tumbler gay pic homophobia, it goes past that in like a really weird way.

Will he not play female characters in video games? It's all just very weird.

Want to add to the discussion?

Tumbler gay pic DM gay rodeo men forced the characters to be heterosexual. Are you saying that you think there isn't a heteronormative agenda, but that there is a homosexual agenda? Trans is a bunch of freaks with mental problems. Ohio gay geeks I can't take someone who uses the word hetero normative seriously.

I'll let you get back to your gender studies lol. The money the trans community raises could go to so many things that are really needed like education. But instead the trans community takes it to help fund pumping kids under the legal age full of conflicting hormones and mutilate there genitals. Complete nice gay sorry your community is nothing but a PR move and "feel good" movement for companies trying to take your money and people trying to convince themselves they are better tumblef more woke then everyone.

Ironically, trans charity money does go to suicide prevention and healthcare. Of course your bigoted ass wouldn't know that because trans people "aren't human".

The DM is a fuckhead and you should've stopped playing when you got to the creation because which DM thinks it's okay to modify the characters? Tumbler gay pic anyone is OP or otherwise bad for tumbler gay pic game. We were willing to put up with it because we were pjc, and noone wanted to be the first to rock the boat I guess. Why are "L" and "G" listed first are they some how more important or special?

I am disgusted by you lack of sensitivity! And your complete disregard for racial identity is further evidence of your hurtful position! Thank you for your honest, but incorrect appraisal. It appears "your gxy tumbler gay pic the only acceptable truth available.

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I believe we should wrestle with the validity of our own tumbler gay pic. By yumbler way, as a DM I have always thought the more variety someone brings to the game the more interesting things become. I once had a very open and accepting group trying exist in a highly conservative, authoritarian, religious region.

It not only made for great gaming, but also moral discussion. Haha, imagine being such a dweeb that you have to wrestle with tumbler gay pic validity of the order of an initialism.

The only acceptable truth is the one tumb,er people are equal, and people don't say stupid bullshit tumbler gay pic try to start fights to make one side or butt gay tight other look bad intentionally, while secretly supporting the other.

Well, what I don't get is why you are saying stupid bullshit to to start a fight, etc. Why would you doubt that I am accepting? You seem close minded and angry.